Friday, June 10, 2016


Another lacklustre and arguably fraudulent 'exclusive' from PJW:

From the title you would think that an insider/attendee had leaked tp PJW that Bilderberg were planning to trigger a financial collapse. But the truth, if you read the article closely, is that:
1. the source for this alleged exclusive is Bilderberg sleuth Tony Gosling who created the original Bilderberg site;
2. and Gosling does not say that Bilderberg are planning to trigger a financial collapse, and instead suggests that they are positioning themselves to profit from any coming financial collapse.

But, hey, everyone's gotta make a livin'...

But my question is: if Bilderberg are indeed planning to trigger a financial collapse then how could Donald Trump trigger that collapse with his policies? Would ripping up trade deals trigger such a collapse?

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