Friday, June 10, 2016


The universe knows...and is trying to tell you!

I got one of those emails from Infowhores over night, this latest one telling me that a video on Youtube could get Trump elected if it went viral. So I watched it, then checked out the Youtube channel it was on. The video is made by John Patrick Acquaviva. On his channel's front page right now there is an interview of Acquaviva via Skype. And what's that in the background on Acquaviva's wall? A POSTER OF MARLON BRANDO IN THE GODFATHER!!

The universe knows and is trying to tell you: Trump is the Godfather, you clowns!

His "greatest friend" was the lawyer/consiglieri for the New York Mafia, who also fixed deals for Trump (which Trump claims credit for).

The video does not reference:
1. Trump's mob connections;
2. Roy Cohn;
3. Trump's multiple bankruptcies or how he avoided personal bankruptcy owing hundreds of millions of dollars after buying Permindex/Resorts International;
4. Trump's racism;
5. Trump's flip-flopping and possible dementia;
6. Trump's love for infanticide Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel;
7. the hypocrisy of Trump and his family who whine about trade deals with China and Mexico while the Trumps use sweatshop labour in China and Mexico instead of good ol' American labour.

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