Tuesday, June 07, 2016


When Trump entered the campaign last year, many, even Infowhores, claimed that Trump had entered to get Clinton in. Trump and the Clintons have been good friends for decades. Indeed, their children are still friends (apparently).

But what if it is t'other way around?

What if Hillary was required to get Trump in?

Think about it: who faces more danger of being exposed and prosecuted, or embroiled in damaging scandal?

Trump? His mob connections are ignored by the media who weakly attack him through his racism, mysoginy, etc.

But what about Clinton?

In the last few weeks she has been found to be wanting in the email/server scandal. And now this book by this secret service guy?

What timing!!

What would happen if Clinton was prosecuted in the next 5 months before the election?

Five months is a long time in politics.

They did 9/11 to get Iran. Obama got the P5+1 deal with Iran, but they still howl and bay at the moon, like a pack of Zionist wolves eager for blood.

Clinton and Bush do not stand a chance of starting a war on Iran.

But Trump does.

The people do not trust Bush and Clinton, and the people are sick of war.

But the people seem to trust Trump, and most people in the USA support Israel (but that support is fading).

Trump loves Israel and hates Iran. He hates the P5+1 deal. He wants to beef up the US military and put it at the disposal of Israel to threaten Iran. He said all that at AIPAC.

And Trump is rising in the polls, as Infowhores continue their epic failure in investigative journalism by ignoring Trump's mob/CIA/FBI connections.

This is just a suggestion, an observation.

Just thinking out of the box...

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