Wednesday, June 08, 2016


That Donald Trump has dementia.

He supported the war on Libya in 2011 before it started.

During his campaign he has lied that he was against it.

Then last weekend he flip-flopped again to say that he would have supported a 'surgical strike' to take out Gaddafi.

But it now turns out that in 2009 Trump courted Gaddafi hoping to get in on Gaddafi's money and open up Libya to his business.

But nothing happened. So did Gaddafi reject Trump? Is that why Trump supported the war on Libya, so that a more Trump-friendly government in Libya would allow a Trump development/monopoly in Libya?

Then Trump got down to business, Herbert recalled, saying, “Let’s not worry about the tent, I’m interested in having a meeting with Qaddafi.” Trump said he wanted to discuss business opportunities involving “the Mediterranean waterfront and construction,” Herbert recalled.

Officially, the PR firm’s client was Ali Aujali, then the Libyan ambassador to the U.S. Herbert described its work as “less PR, more shadow embassy.”

Trump’s courtship of Qaddafi highlights the Republican presidential candidate’s willingness to seek favorable business deals — even if they require him to cooperate with unsavory figures.

And lest we forget: Trump cites 'bad' trade deals with China and Mexico, but he and his family use sweatshop labour in those countries, when they could easily use American labour in American factories!!

And not forgetting the fact that he wants to shag his own daughter, Ivanka.

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