Wednesday, June 08, 2016


2009 : Trump tries to court Colonel Gaddafi, looking to break into the Libyan resorts and build a complex on the Mediterranean Sea, and also possibly encourage Gaddafi to invest in Trump's companies, Trump offering free hospitality to Gaddafi and his inner circle as a sweetener, but nothing comes out of it;

2011 : as war on Libya approaches and then starts, Trump supports the war to take out Gaddafi and grab the oil;

2015 : as Trump enters the race for the White House, he begins to lie that he opposed the war on Libya (as he also lied that he opposed the war on Iraq when in fact as that war started he also supported that war);

2016 : Trump flip-flops again and now says that he would have supported a 'surgical strike' on Gaddafi.

What is going on here?


I think it is a strong possibility...which is very, very dangerous if he is to be in charge of the US military and its massive nuclear arsenal.

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