Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Here is what the local police force in Valais Canton say about the attack:
On Sunday, December 25, 2016, shortly after 9:00 am, a lady of about seventy years, wounded by a knife, came to the emergency room of the hospital of Sion.

On the latter's indications, the police immediately went to Bramois, on the road to the Hermitage of Longeborgne. In this area, two people were found injured, also with the knife. They are two men, one of about seventy years and the other of about 30 years. The latter, seriously affected, was helicopter to the hospital of Sion.

An important closure and research system was set up by the cantonal police, in collaboration with the Sion Municipal Police. Investigations in the secure area made it possible to discover the body of a deceased man at 15.30 in the bed of La Borgne, which can not be excluded from being linked to the events of the morning. There is indeed a relationship between this person and the seriously wounded helicopter at the hospital of Sion.

At this stage of the investigation, there is no evidence or evidence to show that the assault occurred on religious grounds.

An investigation was initiated by the Public Prosecutor's Office. At the request of the latter, the cantonal police shall request all persons who can provide information on this event to contact the Central Commitment at 027 / 326.56.56.

Means committed: Cantonal Police, OCVS, Air Glaciers, Municipal Police of Sion.

[source : (Google translation of) Bramois: attaque à l’arme blanche – 3 blessés dont 1 grave, Valias Police, https://www.policevalais.ch/communiques-pour-les-medias/bramois-attaque-a-larme-blanche-3-blesses-dont-1-grave/, Accessed: 27th December 2016]

So one dead body in the local river who was related to those attacked, and a call for witnesses, and no evidence to show the attack was motivated by religion.

Who saw the attack and reported on social media that the attackers were Muslim?

Stay tooned.

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