Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Andrew Jackson was one of the biggest slaveholders in the USA, at one point owning 300 slaves across several plantations. And Jackson loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on a fort on Spanish territory, called Negro Fort, where slaves escaping their slavery had found refuge with some Seminoles. Jackson's raid was supposed to capture the fugitive slaves and return them to their slavery but the officer in charge of the raid fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort to smithereens killing 300 men, women and children.

Jackson was then engineered into the Presidency to destroy the Second Bank of the United States. This was first proposed by British agent Aaron Burr (after Burr had earlier stayed at Jackson's plantation and plotted treason against the United States) and then engineered by Martin van Buren. Jackson destroyed any potential for the Southern states to develop so they remained a rural economy and dependent on slavery. Jackson also initiated the forced removal of the five civilised tribes from states like Georgia and their ancestral lands were sold to planters who worked their new plantations with slaves. Thus Jackson was the Godfather of the Confederacy.

And far from slaying the banksters, Jackson gave the Rothschilds their big break when he appointed them as agents for the United States in Europe.

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