Monday, December 26, 2016


But I thought you said that eyewitnesses saw it all happen...

I'm gonna guess that it turns out that the culprit was checked in at the local rehab and attacked his parents for checking him in, or something like that.

Who were these 'eyewitnesses'?

What did they say?

And on what social media?

Come on, Paul Joseph Watson!

You're the one who reported this!

You're the ace sleuth, innit?

Don't just report it because it fits your narrative that all Muslims are sociopaths hell bent on killing all Christians.

WTF happened here?!

We reported yesterday on a knife attack against people who were on their way to Christmas Day Mass at Longeborgne in Switzerland. The attacker was alleged to be a Muslim.

According to later reports, a body was found in a river near the site of the attack, and the dead person was related to one of the victims. He is thought to have committed suicide.

It’s important to note that the Muslim angle has neither been confirmed not refuted by the later reports. So stay tuned.

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