Thursday, December 29, 2016


If you want to know why Queen Elzabeth II wanted Brexit then watch Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next.

Most countries he visits are in Europe. The one country he does visit that is not in Europe is Tunisia.

The countries that he visits in Europe and the idea he claims for America are:
1. Italy - 2 hour lunches every working day, and 8 paid weeks of holiday per year, and those holidays not used are carried through to the next year;

2. France - 4 course lunches for schoolchildren, and no fizzy, sugary crap, just lots of fresh water to drink; and a great health care system;

3. Finland - children attend 20 hours per week and choose what they want to learn (not what the government orders them to learn) resulting in the best educated children in the world;

4. Slovenia - free education;

5. Germany - employment laws (work 36 hours but get paid for 40) and factories with windows for proper sunlight;

6. Portugal - decriminalisation of drugs;

7. Norway - penal system that produces the lowest re-offending rate in the world;

and the big enchilada

8. Iceland - the place where they lock the bankers up!

All this must terrify the British (and American) oligarchy: a freely and well-educated population, with fresh, local produce to eat and fresh water to drink, and with lots of paid holidays and free time?

So the Anglo-American Establishment are going to blow it all up!!

Coz what they want is over-worked, under-paid ill subjects eating crap and drinking crap with no organised health care system to help them and no time to think while the bankers make as much money for the oligarchy from gambling with the subjects' money.

But how can we have free education and free health care?


No nukes, no bank bailouts and no wars for Israel and oil.

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