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Why not contact the Valais police and tell them that Christian Larnet at is aware of social media comments which indicate that the attackers were Muslims.

Meanwhile, further details have emerged:
The aggression which caused three wounded and one death Sunday in Bramois (VS) is not yet elucidated. The victim most seriously affected, a man in his thirties, related to that found dead in the bed of Borgne, is still hospitalized. His days are not in danger, police said on Tuesday.

The other two wounded, a woman and a man of about seventy years, were able to leave the hospital. The identification of the victim found dead has not yet been formally carried out. His relatives are not in Switzerland at the moment, police said.

Procedure to be specified

The prosecution continues its investigation to reconstruct the course of events. He does not yet know exactly what happened. The interrogations are not finished and the forensic doctors have not yet made their conclusions, specifies the Attorney General Nicolas Dubuis.

A reconstitution is not excluded. All the protagonists are known. There is no one potentially dangerous in nature. The prosecution does not provide further information until the investigation is completed.

On Sunday, at about 9 am, a woman of about seventy years wounded with a knife came to the emergency room of the hospital of Sion. On his instructions, the police went to the scene of the attack, the road that leads to the hermitage of Longeborgne in Bramois (VS).

Two regulars

Two other people, also stabbed, were found on the spot, a man in his seventies and another about 30 years old, seriously injured. It was helicopter to the hospital of Sion.

According to testimonies collected by different media, the septuagenarian was able to join the hermitage where he was rescued. The woman was accompanied by a couple at the beginning of the road. They would be regulars of the places that went to the hermitage for a Christmas Mass. The other two protagonists seem unknown to the locals.

Ermitage curly

Police sealed the area. The search made it possible to find the body of a man in the river bed on Sunday in the afternoon. According to the investigators, this man is related to the seriously injured, but do not give more precision.

The police device remained in place Monday all day before being lifted. Since Tuesday, access to the hermitage of Longeborgne is again open to the public.

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(Established: 27.12.2016, 15h29)

[source: (Google translation) Deux blessés à Bramois ont quitté l'hôpital, Le Matin,, 28th December 2016]

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