Thursday, December 29, 2016


Remember during the election campaign Trump was saying that he was going to "lock her up"?

Well. Not so much now.

Instead we get tweets like these which suggest that Trump is prepared to defend Israel more than he is prepared to arrest and prosecute traitors like Clinton, Kissinger and Rockefeller for their crimes against the American people:

But I had this kind of behaviour nailed long ago. When I watched Trump deliver that speech to AIPAC I knew he would win, because he was prepared to defend Israel over America, put Israel's interest before America's.

And so it is proving.

This man is no patriot. For at least a decade he and his daughter have been using cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour tgo manufacture their clothing and accessories while he rants against China and trade deals.

And so far there is little evidence that neither he nor Ivanka are bringing their jobs back to 'Murica...coz nobody in America can make a suit or a tie or a dress. Right?

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