Saturday, December 31, 2016


Remember that alleged attack by Muslims on Christians going to mass on Christmas Day that was reported by Infowhores?

Infowhores owe us all an apology for propagating fake news, as I suspected, that was generated by the pro-Israel website Dreuz.

And as I predicted, the attacker was not Muslim but did have psychiatric problems and there was a family issue too. Perhaps he was on those psychtropic meds that Infowhores rant about...

But to repeat: the attacker was not Muslim but was born in Portugal and had psychotic disorders.

The alleged perpetrator of the Bramois assault was identified

It is confirmed: the drama had no religious motives. The author of the stabbing had been treated for psychotic disorders, according to the Valais public prosecutor's office. The three wounded are out of danger

The alleged perpetrator of the assaults on December 25 in the Bramois gorge in the Valais canton was identified. It is a 32 years old Portuguese found dead on the bank of the river. The man fell off a cliff, without knowing if it was an accident or a suicide.

The man, born in Sierre, had been treated for psychotic disorders, with delusions. He did not have a criminal record, the prosecutor said in a statement Friday.

On the day of the drama, he had borrowed early in the morning the road to Longeborgne with his uncle, aged 33 years. The latter was mounted on a mound from where he dropped about 15 meters on the way. At the same time, the Portuguese attacked two people who went to the hermitage. He first wounded a 69-year-old man and then a 73-year-old woman.
Weapon Found

He then returned to his uncle on the ground to inflict several stab wounds on his neck, the ministry said. The police found a knife on the scene which is, in all likelihood, the weapon used for the assault.

The perpetrator then went into the gorges, crossed the river and headed to the top of a cliff where he dropped about 130 meters. He was found dead on the bank of the river. The department does not specify whether it is an accident or a suicide.

At the time of the investigation, there is no evidence to involve other persons in this case. The Valais justice had already indicated this week that it did not suspect other dangerous individuals in freedom.
Uncle still in the hospital

The uncle, still in hospital, was seriously wounded, but his days are no longer in danger. The other two people have already been able to leave the hospital. The woman was attacked on the neck while the man was hit near the ear.

Both are regulars of the places that went to the hermitage for a Christmas Mass. Since December 27, access to the hermitage of Longeborgne is again open to the public.

[source : (Google translation of) L'auteur présumé des agression de Bramois a été identifié, Le Temps,, 30th December 2016]

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