Friday, December 23, 2016


He wants to run a nuclear arms race!!

He can't be arsed about conflicts of interest when he or his family are involved!!

He rants against sweatshop conditions in China while he and his daughter use and profit from those very same sweatshop conditions in China and elsewhere.

He is being advised by Henry Kissinger and James Woolsey.

His picks consist of members of Bilderberg, CFR, Skull and Bones, Jamestown Foundation, the Kissinger/Brzezinski Center for Strategic and International Studies, and several senior alumni of Goldman Sachs (and we still await his pick for No. 2 at State).

His National Security Advisor just co-authored a book by top Zionist Neocon Michael Ledeen, who like Trump, somehow believes that Iran is the yuuge troublemaker in the Middle East, when even my dog knows it is actually the British tools Israel and Saudi Arabia.

And it looks like Trump has given Israel the green light to do anything it wants while he moves the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, which will provoke anger and hatred and kill the peace process.

This guy is no peacemonger.

We are in for a shit load of trouble.


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