Monday, December 19, 2016


Me : Donald. Is China Communist?

Don : No.

Me : Why?

Don : Because Ivanka and me have been using cheap Chinese sweatshop labour for about...oooh....10, maybe 11 years. We would never, ever, ever use cheap Chinese COMMUNIST sweatshop labour, because we're such great American patriots and we love America.

Me : So you would never use cheap Chinese COMMUNIST sweatshop labour because you're such great patriots? But you have used, and still are using cheap Chinese ordinary capitalist sweatshop labour?

Don : That's it.

Me : Because you're such great patriots?

Don : Yep.

Me : Any evidence of this great American patriotism?

Don : Sure. Check out this spreadsheet here. It lists just some of the shipments of our goods from China.

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