Saturday, December 31, 2016


Bernie Sanders should be President-elect. Sanders would break up Wall Street and tame Israel. But Clinton stiffed him. Trump said he would lock Clinton up, but not anymore. Now Trump wants Israel to keep building settlements, wants to give Israel even more financial and military aid, wants trouble with Iran, and has appointed uber-Zionists. Trump also wants to unchain Wall Street from all that recent legislation that stopped them gambling with other people's money.

Infowhores exposed themselves as the infowhores that they are: they stopped their criticisms of Israel and cosied upto the Zionist media commentators; and dropped all previous accusations of state-sponsored Islamic terror and changed to saying that the problem is just Islam. Plus they changed from accusing Putin of being a satanist, terrorist and KGB thug to now comparing him to Jesus Christ.

The Queen wanted Brexit, which puts all this joyful anti-establishment hysteria and Trump victory into doubt.

And the farce that the historical child abuse inquiry has become should result in custodial sentences already, and the inquiry handed over the Michael Mansfield QC asap.


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