Monday, April 10, 2017


Veteran NYPD investigator Jim Rothstein believes that Roger Stone helped Roy Cohn to run Cohn's paedophile networks that Cohn ran for the CIA, to (a) collect blackmail material, and to (b) supply children for CIA-sponsored satanist groups to abuse at their parties.

The CIA arranged a job for Cohn at the New York law firm Saxe, Bacon and Bolan so that Cohn could become the de facto liaison between the CIA and the mob, which Cohn became, even having the power to order the mob who to vote for!

But before this, Cohn was the chief legal counsel for Senator Joe McCarthy, a job that FBI chief J Edgar Hoover arranged for Cohn.

So you can see that Roy Cohn was a proper, fully paid up member of the one true deep state.

Donlad Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend" and would phone Cohn sometimes ten times a day. Now, do you think that the CIA, the FBI and the mob were not interested in the up and coming New York real estate mogul, Donald Trump? (clue : Trump bought the CIA/mob money laundering front Resorts International, and was fined twice for money laundering and warned several times to stop, but was apparently not investigated by the FBI.)

McCarthy was famous for his witch hunt for Communists in 1950's America.

And EIR allege that Roger Stone was at one time the lover of Roy Cohn. But we definitely know that Cohn is a hero of Stone.

So what do we find on Stone's twitter (which shows Stone in a pair of pink pants)?:

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