Thursday, April 06, 2017


Without any form of investigation, Trump is on the brink of even more war.

War on Yemen.

War on North Korea.

Looming war on Iran.

And now a 180 degree policy change on Syria after what could be yet another false flag. I mean, why would Russia, or Iran, or Assad kill innocent children with chemicals when they are on the brink of declaring national victory and when doing so would be begging to get bombed to smithereens by the Yoonited States 'Murica?

Always look for the beneficiaries. And in this case it is the rebels, yet again. With the rebels facing defeat, and just after Tillerson said Assad can stay, Assad/Russia/Iran are accused of bombing a village and using chemical weapons to kill innocent children. And what does Trump do? He falls for it.

In the waning months of last year’s campaign, President Trump was talking up a dramatic shift in US policy in Syria, a move away from regime change and a focus on fighting ISIS, along with a rapprochement deal with Russia. A little over two months after the inauguration and with little to show for the “change,” officials are back to Obama era hostility toward the Syrians.

A bombing attack in northwest Syria yesterday, allegedly a chemical weapons attack, is serving as the official justification for the narrative change, with President Trump insisting Syria had “crossed many lines,” and insisting that his position on Syria has changed, adding that “I now have responsibility when it comes to Syria.”

[source : Trump Condemns Syria, Officials Hint at Unilateral Action, AntiWar,, 5th April 2017]

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