Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Erm, yaaaarp!

There was real anti-Israel, anti-Wall Street, anti-war, anti-establishment support for Sanders.

And Sanders was wiping the floor with everyone in every poll.

The deep state must have been terrified.

So how to stop it?

Leftist deep stater Clinton shafted Sanders.

And rightist deep stater Trump said he'd lock her up, but hasn't.

And Trump won coz FBI Comey wrote that letter (and Breitbart and Murdoch with a little help from Infopervs controlled the media).

And Trump blew FBI Comey a kiss and gave him a hug live on TV.

And Trump won't sack FBI Comey.

And Clinton is now rising and taking the limeade out of Trump, wants to run against him in 2020, while Bannon looks like he is on his way out and Zionist Kushner is taking over.

And it's all such a farce.

But under Sanders would Alex Jones, as a multi-millionaire, be getting his yuuuge tax cut?

Er, nope.

Did you know that Jones alleged that Sanders was a member of the 1% based on erroneous and incomplete data, while Jones is worth many more times than Sanders?


You didn't know that?

Huh. Now there's a funny thing.

Not saying that Sanders was perfect. But would have been a better Prez than this.

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