Friday, March 02, 2018


Tax cuts for the rich and corporations is Trump's plan to save 'Murica. The thinking is that the rich and corporations will spend, spend, spend on jobs, jobs, jobs. Turns out it's a load of you-know-whats!

Yeah, some crumbs from the table have been thrown to the workers, as a bribe to entice them to vote Republican later this year. But most of the gains are trickling up, not down. There is very little intention to invest in jobs, jobs, jobs.

As I proposed a few months ago: Trump needs a JFK-style investment tax credit focused on generating real proper jobs for real proper humans to reduce/minimise the implementation of robots and AI and raise employment. This way the corporations only get a tax 'cut' if they can show that they are definitely using the tax cut to increase human employment.

But nope. This is beyond the greedy rightists and Republicans who would rather billionaires become mutli-billionaires while Americans starve and live on the streets or join the military to spread US imperialism across the globe through war and conquest.

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