Saturday, March 10, 2018


As I suggested a few days ago, the 'leftist' MSM, e.g. CNN, protected the CIA and their peadophile activities when during the campaign in 2016 they portrayed Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn as eccentric at worst. But the CIA arranged a lawyer job at Saxe, Bacon and Bolan in New York so that Cohn could become the de facto liaison between the CIA and the mob, which Cohn did become. But it gets much worse than that. Cohn actually ran peadophile networks for the CIA: to obtain blackmail material for the CIA; to supply children to CIA-sponsored satanists. And Trump, despite claiming having heel spurs to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War, attended Roy Cohn's cocaine parties in the basement of Studio 54. It may well have been those parties that inspired Trump to host his very own uderage-sex-and-cocaine parties where sleazy old men would dangle the opportunity of lucrative modelling contracts to underage female model wannabes, along with drink and cocaine, in exchange for sex (apparently Trump was a f***ing beast getting laid like crazy at these parties, which would explain why he had an affair with a porn star while his beautiful wife was at home raising their 6 month old baby). And of course, those lucrative modelling contracts never materialised. But at least Trump and his sleazy mates had their wicked way with coked-up pretty young girls!

Imagine how the American public would have reacted if they knew about this, Cohn and Trump's deep relationship with him.

Now Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of our dear unelected CIA/Confederate/pervert leader Alex Jones, is asking the MSM to interview her.

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