Saturday, March 10, 2018


He eagerly jumped at the chance to meet Kim Jong-Un. It was all over the mainstream and not-so-mainstream media: Trump will meet Kim without preconditions to agree denuclearisation!

This kept Stormy Daniels off the front pages.

Now yet more confusion from Trump. He is now setting unspecified preconditions that Kim must meet before any meeting takes place, even if it is, as Tillerson suggests, to just discuss the weather.

Why is Trump doing this?

Well, why would he have an affair with a porn star while his beautiful wife is at home raising their 6 month old baby?

Why would he tweet Obama dozens of times to get out and stay out of Syria only to bomb Syria at the first opportunity, killing Syrian civilians and military personnel, and then decide to stay in Syria (even though he was not invited in the first place) and build bases and increase the risk of confrontation with Russia and Iran (who were invited)?

Why would he accuse the Saudis of complicity in 9/11 but then immediately sell out to the Saudis?

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday that the U.S. will require North Korea to take “concrete and verifiable steps” before President Trump attends an announced meeting with Kim Jong Un.

The White House had not previously said that there would be any preconditions for the talks when it announced late Thursday that the president would be open to meeting with the North Korean leader in the next few months.

“This meeting won't take place without concrete actions that match the promises that have been made by North Korea,” Sanders said.

Sanders did not specify what promises must be kept or what steps North Korea must take for the planned meeting to go through.

[source : White House: North Korea must take 'steps' before Trump-Kim meeting, The Hill,, 9th March 2018]

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