Sunday, March 11, 2018


First, his long time friend, confidant and adviser, the rightist Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch threw his vast media empire behind Trump.

Second, the Zionist Breitbart (which was actually created to promote Israel), and other Zionist media such as Rebel Media, backed Trump.

Third, websites such as Infowars sold out to the Zionists and appeared on Rebel etc as life long bestest mates in the whole wide world (it was actually sickening to watch).

These three events got Trump within touching (or should that be grabbing?) distance of Clinton.

But the act that got Trump into The White House was a well-timed letter from the FBI which told Congress that thousands more emails related to Clinton had been found. Giuliani was aware that something was about to happen that would get Trump elected. The FBI did not need to inform Congress of this new investigation, and doing so may well have been illegal. And the FBI had sat on those emails for at least a month. The letter was published and released to the public. This led to Clinton losing about 5% in the polls. And then with just one day to go before the election, the FBI informed Congress that there was nothing illegal or suspicious in those emails.

But it was too late for Clinton. In the subsequent 24 hours she regained about 1%, but it wasn't enough.

Trump won.

And to thank Comey for his actions Trump blew Comey a kiss live on TV.

But the tyrant Trump sacked Comey for not pledging loyalty to Trump personally.

Them's the facts.

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