Thursday, March 15, 2018


The mainstream media gave Roy Cohn a pass, which helped to elect Bomber Trump. Cohn was Trump's "greatest friend", but he also ran paedophile networks for the CIA and was the liaison between the CIA and the mob. If Cohn was not deep state then I don't know who else could be.

Alex Jones' ex-wife Kelly has got a lot to say about Alex, and it doesn't look good at all.

But the mainstream media continues to ignore Kelly.

Things she accuses Alex of are:
1. pointing a spy camera into her home and private investigators follow her (I've been saying Infowars are into this kind of creepy stalking behaviour for years);
2. he is a racist (again, no surprise there considering his Confederate history and sympathies);
3. he lied in court (again, he's admitted to lying on air to generate sales);
4. he is blocking her free speech.

There is lots more, but for whatever reason the mainstream media are not interested in the slightest.

Gee. I wonder why...

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