Monday, March 12, 2018


It was sold as the answer to America's prayers: a tax plan for the small ordinary businesses that make the backbone of America.

Turns out it aint gonna work!

Imagine my shock.

...We conducted a public opinion poll of small business owners in the battleground states of Arizona, Nevada, Maine and Tennessee with the express purpose of learning what the tax cuts will mean for their business growth. What we found is most small business owners don’t think the possible benefits of new law will enable them to invest in their businesses and believe it further tilts the playing field in favor of big corporations:

Seven in 10 small business owners said they would not hire a new employee as a result of the new tax law.
Six in 10 small business owners said they would not be giving their employees raises.
54 percent of small business owners say the tax law favors large corporations over small businesses.
55 percent of respondents do not believe the law puts small businesses on a level playing field with big businesses.
Importantly, given the partisan nature of the law, 41 percent identify as Republican, 31 percent as Democrat and 28 percent as independent or something else.

...The bottom line is this tax law doesn’t treat small businesses like the job creators they are. Small business owners may get a nominal and temporary tax cut, but they clearly think it won’t be enough to invest in employees or grow their businesses. Meanwhile, their corporate competitors will rake in billions that they can use to compete for quality employees, undercut prices of their small business competitors and feather their nests. Policymakers hope that, with a few extra bucks in their pockets, small business owners will forgive and forget that corporations and the wealthy are getting the vast majority of the benefit from this $1.4 trillion tax bill.

That’s pretty shabby treatment for the companies that are the economic engine of our country. And as the media continues to report on one corporate windfall after another, it’s a snub every small business owner will feel.

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