Sunday, March 18, 2018


This was going to be all about Robert Mercer. But as I began writing I began to see a coup d'etat by Israel.

Has Israel taken over the 'anti-NWO' movement?

Mercer was behind Brexit through Cambridge Analytica. He was also behind Trump in 2016. He was also behind Breitbart, which was behind Trump and was created to promote Israel.

And like Sheldon Adelson, he is also behind that "mentally unstable maniac", as Judas decribes him, John Bolton.

Trump says that nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than he is.

Israel does not like the UN or the EU because both constantly criticise Israel.

Trump was elected on the back of the Zionist media (Murdoch, Breitbart and sellout Infowars who cuddled up to the Zionists). Trump picked Nikki Haley for US Ambassador to the UN who on her first day in that position told the UN that there was "a new sheriff in town". Haley and Trump have since been promoting Israel and attacking Palestine and their supporters.

In 2016 Trump told AIPAC that the first thing he would do as POTUS would be to rip up the Iran deal. Trump's son also said that it was the Iran deal that made up his father's mind to run for POTUS. Trump has not yet pulled out of the deal, but it looks like he soon will. He has surrounded himself with people who are pro-Israel and anti-Iran, and the one man who could possibly stop war on Iran, McMaster, is on the verge of being fired (the Zionists are at the least pushing the idea to Trump), and Bolton is being proposed as McMaster's replacement. Bolton wants war on Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

So what we have here is a coup d'etat by Israel. Their media got Trump in. He gave them Jerusalem and has cut off aid to Palestine. His financiers are weakening the anti-Israel EU through Brexit (Murdoch besides backing Trump also backed Brexit), and Trump and Haley are even more pro-Israel at the UN, cutting off aid to some UN offices. Trump is surrounded by men and women who are pro-Israel and anti-Iran, and he is also being advised by Henry Kissinger who would prefer Islamic State to Iran.

All we need now is McMaster fired and replaced by Bolton and the coup d'etat will be complete.

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