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A member of the Skripal family thinks that Yulia was the target, not her father Sergei. Yulia is about to marry and start a family with a man whose mother was a senior Russian security officer and the future mother-in-law is angry that her son is marrying into the family of a traitor who will likely betray Russia again.

This is a slightly more plausible explanation than Putin did it because he wants WW3, wants Russia stripped of the World Cup, and doesn't want to get elected President again, but still asks loads of unanswered questions such as where did the novichok (if it really was that) come from?

DOUBLE agent Sergei Skripal’s daughter was the real target of the nerve agent attack that left them fighting for life, his niece has claimed.

Victoria Skripal said Yulia, 33, had a bust-up with her boyfriend’s mum after he announced they planned to start a family.

And relatives are now pointing the finger at the prospective mother-in-law after it was disclosed she was a highly-ranked Russian security official.

The mum, who has not been identified, is said to have been furious that her son was marrying into the family of a man who betrayed 300 Russian agents.

And sources close to the Skripal family say she launched the Salisbury plot to stop him being tainted.

Victoria, 45, from Yaroslavl, north east of Moscow, said: “My opinion is that it was done not against Uncle Sergei, but against his daughter.

...“The mother didn’t accept Yulia and thought that, if she was a traitor’s daughter, then she herself would betray her country.

Victoria added: “The method is sort of typical for women. Women likes poisons, they consider this kind of way of reprisal beautiful.”

[source : 'YULIA PRIME TARGET' Russian spy’s daughter Yulia Skripal was the REAL target of nerve agent attack, claims niece, The Sun,, 14th March 2018]

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