Friday, March 30, 2018


His ex-wife Kelly is making some very serious allegations about Alex: violence; racism; spying; stalking; drinking; fraud; endangering lives of children; lying in court; corruption; denial of free speech, etc, etc, etc.

But do we hear anything about this in the Mockingbird MSM who we are led to believe would love nothing more than to see Alex lynched from the nearest apple tree (like his Confederate ancestors used to lynch negro slaves in Texas?)?

And now his ex-wife has managed to get a defamatory video of Alex's pulled from Youtube. That would be the third strike, which by Youtube's rules should mean the Alex Jones channel should now be shut down. But so far it has not.

And all the while, despite the jury awarding primary custody of the children to Kelly, the children live with Alex as he spends millions and millions of dollars fighting the jury decision (and Kelly asks, where is the money coming from?, hinting that donations from viewers and supporters meant to support Infowars is being diverted into litigation so that he keeps the children).

1. not a peep about Kelly's allegations appear in the Mockingbird MSM;
2. after a third Alex Jones video has been pulled by Youtube his channel is still up when it should by now be down;
3. Alex's family is Confederate and CIA.

So, and I want you all to think about this very carefully: who do we think is protecting Alex Jones?

Clue : his late uncle Biff helped to run death squads in Guatemala for the CIA/Pentagon.

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