Thursday, March 29, 2018


Remember them?


Remember how Infowars said 9/11 was a massive false flag inside job?

And the banks?

Remember how the banks went on a massive fraudulent lending spree and were bailed out with trillions?

In the UK alone, we bailed out the City of London with over £1 trillion...and we are still paying in austerity: homelessness; child poverty; crumbling NHS; cuts in social services; real term cuts in pay for teachers, nurses, firemen, police; decaying schools and increasing class sizes; people dying in hospital corridors.

And in the USA, the big Bilderberg banks increased their power by buying up failing or struggling Wall Street competitors with funds from the Bilderberg-controlled Federal Reserve.

But also remember how it was allowed to happen: regular Infowars creep Dodgy Roger Stone scuttled Eliot Spitzer and his investigation into corrupt Wall Street practices.

Infowars always used to lecture us, "don't get sucked into the left-right paradigm...for there be ghouls and monsters and all sorts of nasty creepy crawlies".

But looked what happened: Dodgy Roger Stone began to appear on Infowars guessed it...Infowars dove into the left-right paradigm naked.

All we read now from Infowars is the left this, Islam that, the Dems the other.

Nothing about 9/11. Nothing about the banks. It's as if 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2007/8 never happened.

Fifteen years of war with no end in sight.

Ten years of austerity with no end in sight.

Infowars used to accuse Israel and Saudi Arabia of complicity in 9/11. Yet they helped to elect someone, Bomber Trump, who claims that nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than he is, and who also sold out to that "cancer on the world", as Judas refers to the Saudis, faster than Alex Jones employed PIs to stalk his ex-wife (and that was fast).

Bomber Trump was elected through a network of Zionists: Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch; Zionist Breitbart (which was created to promote Israel); Zionist media such as Rebel (who Judas sickeningly cosied up to). Infowars contributed their bit, even though they were not naked Zionists, but their valmorification into Zionists has been a complete success! And now this Cambridge Analytica (CA) outfit seems to have played a significant part. Who is behind CA? Zionist Stephen Bannon, and the Zionist Mercers.

So how has Bomber Trump repaid his supporters and beguiled dupes?

He has picked many members of the swamp (Bilderberg/CFR/Trilateral/Skull & Bones). He is bombing and staying in Syria. He is assisting the Saudis commit genocide in Yemen. He is going back into Afghanistan. He is expanding the drone program. He is unleashing the banks...and without Glass-Steagall (even though both Republicans and Democrats say they want it). He has probably torpedoed hope of a lasting peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict with his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And it looks like he's pulling out of the Iran deal (as he promised AIPAC he would), which could be disastrous for Middle East and global peace.

No wall.

$700 billion for the military-industrial complex.

And a torturer for head of CIA.

Tax cuts for the rich and corporations, which are not yet trickling down to the ordinary American, but may do just in time to bribe the electorate for the mid-term elections.

And now it looks like while his beautiful wife Melania was at home nursing their newly born son, he was at it with a porn star!

And the coup de grace: the dreaded John "mentally unstable maniac" Bolton as National Security Adviser! He who wants war on North Korea and Iran for Israel.

The one possible good thing Bomber Trump could pull off is North Korea, but now he has picked John Bolton I would be very, very surprised if that came off.

Need I go on?

Er, nope.

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