Wednesday, March 07, 2018


Almost a year to the day, Bomber Trump visited The Hermitage, the plantation of former President Andrew Jackson. While there, Bomber Trump gave a brief speech in praise of Jackson.

And Bomber Trump also saluted Jackson's rotting corpse.

So why would Trump honour Jackson so?

Probably because he's been reading John Birch Society bullsh*t, the kind that Infowars peddle as 'the truth' and make a fortune from.

JBS and their ilk make Jackson out to be some kind of patriot who destroyed the central bank of America and slew the bankers. They also make claims such as Jackson paid off the debt. However, such organisations forget to mention that Jackson paid off just the last few dollars of the debt. All the hard work had been done by Nicholas Biddle.

Other very important, significant and relevant stuff that the JBS etc 'forget' to mention includes:
1. Jackson stabbed the native Americans in the back, particularly the Cherokee. During a battle with another native American tribe, a Cherokee saved Jackson's life. Jackson vowed that the American people and the Cherokee would be forever dear friends. But just a few years later Jackson stabbed the Cherokee and four other tribes, known as the Civilised Tribes, in the back and began to plan for their forced removal west to what is now Oklahoma. Jackson began the legal and physical aspects of this forced removal. The actual physical forced removal, known as The Trail of Tears, occured under Martin van Buren, who Jackson's handler. Thousands of native Americans died during the forced removals, which led to vast tracts of native American land being sold off to planters who built plantations worked by slaves, those planters eagerly joining the Confederacy a dew decades later;
2. Jackson loved slavery. I mean, absolutely loved slavery. He was one of the most powerful slaveholders not just in Tennessee but in the whole of the United States! At one time he owned 300 slaves over several plantations. He would have his runaway slaves beaten on their capture and return (one slave called Gilbert died during his beating). Jackson also organised a raid on a fort known as Negro Fort, which was in Spanish Florida. The purpose of the raid was to capture and return runaway slaves who had found sanctuary with Seminoles at the fort, and return them to their 'rightful owners'. However, the commanding officer of the raid (not Jackson) fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort to pieces, killing 300 runaways and Seminoles inside the fort;
3. Jackson was on the edge of treason against the United States for much of his adult life. Yes, his heroiocs at the Battle of New Orleans won him praise and respect, but it was those heroics which the British used to get Jackson elected so that he could destroy the central bank of the USA because it, under Nicholas Biddle, was financing and building a United States that posed a great threat to the British Empire. Jackson had earlier assisted Aaron Burr after Burr had assassinated Alexander Hamilton after Hamilton had exposed Burr's treason against the United States. Burr fled and stayed with Jackson and plotted more treason. Burr was captured and tried but the jury foreman was Burr's friend so Burr got off and fled to England where he stayed with the chief of British Intelligence, Jeremy Bentham. Jackson claimed innocence and defended Burr. After a few years in England, Burr returned to the United States and began to use Jackson's exploits during the Battle of New Orleans as propaganda to get Jackson elected as POTUS so he could destroy the United States. Jackson won. Then Jackson destroyed the Second Bank of the United States. This doomed the south to reliance on slavery. Thus Jackson is the Godfather of the Confederacy: he first organised and began the forced removal of native Americans from soon-to-be Confederate States and sold off their lands to planters who built plantations worked by slaves; he then doomed the south to a reliance on slavery by cutting off a massive source of finance that could and should have developed the economy of the south from one reliant on slavery to a more industrial economy (but Jackson loved slavery, so there you go). The British then sent in agents like Giuseppe Mazzini to exploit the issue of slavery and divide the USA for the US Civil War (and Alex Jones' family fought for the Confederacy at the rank of colonel and general);
4. and far from slaying the bankers, it was Jackson who gave the Federal funds in the bank to his cronies and friends (who used it to create a credit bubble and subsequent panic), and it was Jackson who gave the Rothschilds their big break when he appointed them as agents for the United States in Europe.

So, as you can see. Jackson is far from a hero and more like a viper.

This is the real Andrew Jackson: slavery-loving, slaveholding, backstabbing traitor and Godfather of the Confederacy.

And Bomber Trump loves him. Trump quickly installed a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office (along with a bust of British imperialist Winston Churchill).

And as you can see above, Trump salutes Jackson's rotting corpse.


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