Friday, March 16, 2018


Jeremy Corbyn is correct to be sceptical about the claims surrounding the alleged use of novichok in Salisbury two weeks ago. Our intelligence services do not have a good track record:
1. claims around Iraq's WMD in 2002/3 and the highly suspicious death of Dr David Kelly;
2. Gaddafi was giving names of Jihadis in Libya to MI6 and the CIA, but MI6 and the CIA then hooked up with those Jihadis and collaborated with them to kill Gaddadfi, which has turned Libya into a paradise for Jihadis;
3. according to former French foreign minister Roland Dumas, in 2009 MI6 asked him to arrange pipelines into Syria so that they could smuggle Jihadis into Syria;
4. the Jihadis in Libya who collaborated with MI6 to kill Gaddafi were allowed to stay in Manchester, where one of their offspring attacked the Manchester Arena last year, killing 23 and injuring hundreds more, most of them children;
5. many nations, Russia included, have accused MI5 and MI6 of allowing London to become the HQs of many Islamic terrorists, hence the nickname "Londonistan".

This list is not exhaustive.

This novichok claim does indeed need a thorough open investigation. The timing of the incident is very suspicious. Skripal was in one of Putin's jails for treason for 6 years. If Putin wanted him killed for his treason then something could have been arranged during those 6 years. But nope. Apparently Putin swapped Skripal, waited 8 more years, and then just before an election and when Russia is about to host the World Cup, he decides the time is right to use a nerve agent that could easily be attributed to Russia to attempt to kill an ageing forgotten traitor.

For a good list of reasons to doubt the claim that Putin or the Russian state is behind the Salisbury attack read this-> Framing Putin – Saga of the Spy and the Nerve Agent

The guy who developed the stuff in the first place has written a book which describes the stuff, and he has lived in the USA for years. The USA has still to destroy all its chemical weapons and still has 2 active sites. On the other hand, the OPCW has declared that Russia has destroyed all their chemical weapons.

And when you ask the question, cui bono? The answer is the NATO/Zionist axis-of-evil that wants Putin out and one of their guys like Navalny in the Kremlin so that Russia could be pulled out of Syria.

It really is that simple.

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