Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Obama came into office in 2009, claiming that he was Mr Change.

Trump will enter office next month claiming to be an anti-establishment outsider and Infowarrior.

Let's compare cabinets (membership of elite organisations at the time of appointment):

Secretary of State
Trump - Rex Tillerson
Obama - Hillary Clinton (Bilderberg, CFR)

Secretary of Defense
Trump - James "Mad Dog" Mattis
Obama - Robert Gates (CFR)

Trump - Michael Pompeo
Obama - Leon Panetta

Secretary of the Treasury
Trump - Steve Mnuchin (Skull and Bones)
Obama - Timothy Geithner (Bilderberg)

Attorney General
Trump - Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III
Obama - Eric Holder

Trump - ?
Obama - Robert Mueller

These are arguably the power positions.

So on this, Obama picked some establishment personnel, notably Clinton.

But Trump, despite claiming to be an anti-establishment outsider and Infowarrior, has picked a Bonesman for Treasury.

And not only that, he has picked Stephen Schwarzman to head a panel to provide advice on economic strategy and policy. Schwarzman in also a Bonesman, and also a member of the CFR. And as deputy to Flynn, Trump has picked a member of the CFR and a member of the board of the Jamestown Foundation, KT McFarland. And on top of that, Trump is also being advised by Henry Kissinger and James Woolsey.

I would expect that if Trump truly was an anti-establishment outsider and Infowarrior then he would stay away from such people.

But he has not.

He has not quite surrounded himself with swamp-dwellers, but there are enough swamp-dwellers there to cause great concern, particularly when you consider that Trump's pick for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has just published a book with Michael 'Mr Neocon' Ledeen, and that Trump's picks for Defense and DCIA are all virulently anti-Iran.

Trump may even go further and pick Bilderberger Rick Perry for Energy Secretary.

If he does then the number of establishment insiders on Team Trump will be almost the same as on Team Obama in January 2009.

And for someone who claims to be an anti-establishment outsider and Infowarrior, I would consider that a betrayal.

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