Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Alex Jones recently tried to portray Tillerson as anti-establishment, yet Tillerson is a Trustee of the most influential think tank in Washington DC, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, which is basically a tool of Kissinger and Brzezinski to guide the US government into implementing the Globalists plans.

But who do we now find pushed Tillerson?

Yep. The establishment swamp: Rice, Gates and James Baker.

And even the undead Cheney is chuffed!!


Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, Stephen Hadley and James Baker, all of whom have business dealings with the oil giant, played a crucial role in convincing Trump's team to select Tillerson to become America's top diplomat.

...Other Bush officials praised the choice of Tillerson, including former Vice President Dick Cheney and Baker, who worked both for George W. Bush and his father's administration.

"Rex Tillerson, who is a friend of mine, is an excellent choice to head the State Department and has an opportunity to be a very effective secretary of state," Baker said. "As CEO of one of the world's largest and best-run companies, has demonstrated the management and negotiating skills, and has the international experience, that are required in the job."

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