Wednesday, December 07, 2016


As I was saying: Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran.

They did 9/11 to get Iran.

Iran has not been got.

Virulently anti-Iran and pro-Israel Trump 'somehow' becomes Prez, and for his national security advisor, DCIA and SecDef picks men who are also virulently anti-Iran and pro-Israel.

Nobody seems to notice Saudi Arabia (who with Israel did 9/11 to get Iran).

...Speaking on Wednesday, the prime minister will tell Gulf leaders in Bahrain that Iran remains a threat to the stability of the Middle East and the UK would not ignore “aggressive” Iranian actions in Syria and Yemen.

...“That was vitally important for regional security. But we must also work together to push back against Iran’s aggressive regional actions, whether in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria or in the Gulf itself.”

...In March, Trump told supporters that his number one foreign policy objective was to “dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran”, which he has since called “the worst deal ever negotiated”.

...Although her remarks on Wednesday are likely to be interpreted as a warning to Trump not to pull the US out of the deal, May told reporters she got on well with Trump on a personal level in their two phone calls, saying he was “very easy to talk to”.

“He is someone who very much values the relationship he has with the UK,” she said.

“Whenever we’ve talked, that’s been one of the key things we’ve talked about; the depth of our special relationship and the fact we want to maintain that and build on it for the future.”

...“The PM said it was very important lessons are learned and acted upon,” the source said, but Downing Street did not call for an independent UN investigation into Saudi forces’ conduct in Yemen.

[source : Theresa May to tell Gulf leaders Iran nuclear deal is 'vitally important', The Guardian,, 6th December 2016]

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