Saturday, December 03, 2016


What was 9/11 all about?

Was it about a dark alliance of an Israeli-American-Saudi network buried within intelligence agencies executing the largest terrorist attack on American soil in order to kick off a series of wars that continue today?

Or was it about pockets of Muslims celebrating the attacks?

Remember: on 9/11 several Israelis were arrested, detained, mysteriously and quietly released and later appeared on Israeli TV to admit that they were there in New York to "document the event".

You know, Infowhores have made a living out of, and correctly, claiming that most if not all terror is government-sponsored. They even went so far as to accuse Putin of running the Beslan school massacre!

The fact is that Israel did 9/11. Israel has benefitted from the subsequent wars. And Israel, through Trump, won this latest US Presidential election. And Infowhores enabled that victory through a very suspicious 180 degree turn to blame Islam for everything when Infowhores used to blame the FBI and the CIA and MI6 and Mossad etc, etc, etc.

And now the alleged "Infowarrior" and alleged anti-establishment outsider Trump is handing his administration over to Kissinger, Wall Street, Zionists, Bonesmen and the CFR.

So what do we get from PJW?

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