Thursday, December 15, 2016


About a week ago Trump caused a furore when he spoke to the President of Taiwan over the dog-and-bone.

Infowhores cheered him on, portraying Trump as standing up to the Communists (while ignoring the facts that China is NOT Communist and that Trump and his daughter Ivanka have been using cheap Chinese sweatshop labour for at least a decade).

I called this phone call out as part of the Asia Pivot.

Now we can read this about the US Navy in the South China Sea:
Admiral Harry Harris, commander of US Pacific Command, used a speech in Sydney yesterday to warn that the United States was ready to confront China over its activities in the South China Sea. Under the Obama administration, the South China Sea has been transformed into a volatile flashpoint for war between China and the US. Harris’s remarks make clear that those dangers will only rise under a Trump administration.

[source : US admiral pledges to confront China in South China Sea, WSWS,, 15th December 2016]

We know that Trump was an intelligence asset laundering money for the CIA and/or Mossad.

So was the Taiwan phone call "standing up to the Communists"?

Or was Trump targeting Taiwan as part of the Aisa pivot?

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