Sunday, December 18, 2016


This is Trump's Ambassador to Israel talking about alleged anti-establishment outsider and Infowarrior Donald Trump.

Has Alex Jones not mentioned The Dancing Israelis to Trump?

Arutz Sheva interviewed President-elect Donald Trump's adviser and Israel Ambassador David Friedman during the US election campaigns. The interview focused on Trump's views on Israel and the "peace process," as well as other controversial topics such as building in Judea and Samaria, BDS, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"He wanted an adviser who he knew loved Israel. So I think hopefully people can take comfort in the fact that he's taking advice from me....he chose someone who he knows has a deep love of Israel, for all of Israel, for the entire land of Israel. And that alone I think says something about his feelings. He has a very strong view about who's right and who's wrong in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He remembers very well who was dancing on the roofs in 9/11 and who was mourning and who was crying.

...Friedman also emphasized Trump "believes strongly in the capital of Israel being wherever the Jewish people want it to be, which is obviously the holy city of Jerusalem."

[source : WATCH: Ambassador hopes for better Israel-America relationship, INN,, 18th December 2016]

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