Saturday, December 10, 2016


Trump is ignoring the CIA because it is saying that Russia influenced the election in his favour. Trump does not want to see the evidence. He knows everything. He is the oracle.

So what implications does this have for when he becomes President?

What if the new DCIA Pompeo does not provide Trump with the intelligence that Trump wants, on, say, Iran?

Will Trump then ignore Pompeo?

Will Pompeo then produce the 'intelligence' that Trump wants to see and hear, so that Pompeo keeps his job?

And might, just might, that 'intelligence' be related to connections between Islamic State and Iran?

Which Path to Persia? The one that runs through Trump Tower.

This is why Russia and the Syrian Arab Army must defeat Islamic State in Syria as soon as possible.

Because, just like Trump took credit for saving the Carrier jobs when it was actually Mike Pence, Trump will take all the credit for defeating Islamic State in Syria, even though all that 'Murica will have done is fire on bullet to kill the last terrorist.

But then Pompeo, Flynn and Mattis will see a connection between Islamic State and Iran. And before you know it, Trump will be using 'his' victory over Islamic State to engage Iran.

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