Sunday, December 18, 2016


Just read this by Stone on LBJ, Israel and the USS Liberty:

Stone describes LBJ as Israel's "best friend ever", proposing that Israel attacked the USS Liberty under the orders of LBJ in order to blame the attack on Egypt, thus giving LBJ the pretext to nuke Egypt which under Nasser had fallen under Soviet influence.

Stone writes:
Lyndon Johnson had been an advocate of Jewish causes from his first moment as a congressman in 1937 and it is just nuts to think Israel would have savagely attacked an American ship unless ordered to do so by Lyndon Johnson personally.

I just read this about LBJ: Operation Texas

LBJ saved the lives of hundreds of Jews during WW2 by smuggling them into Texas. The KKK didn't like this and burned a cross on his ranch.

But this would have made LBJ a target for Zionist intelligence agencies.

And it is interesting that the British/Zionist espionage front Permindex, with Stone's hero Roy Cohn on its board, that is implicated in the assassination of JFK. Stone accuses LBJ but does not mention the British/Zionist espionage front Permindex and Cohn.

Trump's friendship with the deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn would have also made him a target for Zionist intelligence agencies, particularly after he bought the CIA/mob/Mossad money laundering front Resorts International.

And with Trump's statements that nobody loves Israel more than him, we can see in Trump another madman like LBJ.

The author Michael Collins Piper accuses Israel of assassinating JFK because JFK was not that into Israel having nukes.

LBJ was quite happy for Israel to have nukes.

JFK was assassinated by a British/Zionist espionage front.

So who was controlling/blackmailing whom: Israel? or Johnson?

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