Saturday, April 07, 2018


Well, maybe Judas is right about one thing: labelling John Bolton a "mentally unstable maniac".

Former OPCW chief Jose Bustani has told RT that Bolton ordered him to resign over Iraq WMD (of which there were none) because the OPCW couldn't find any before the war in 2003. Bustani refused. Bolton then warned Bustani that he knew where Bustani's kids were.

Mentally unstable maniac? Nope. Of course not. Of course Bolton is pure of heart.

Seriously though, Bolton is the next US National Security Adviser. But he is also the darling of the Mercers and Adelson, to whom Bomber Trump is beholden due to their finances and skullduggery to get Trump elected. Trump has partially repaid that debt by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US Embassy there. The next step is to pull out of the Iran deal, provoke Iran with a false flag of some kind, then mobilise the military for war on Iran to finish off the plan that 9/11 was designed to kick off.

Look. Trump promised AIPAC it would be the first thing he would do as POTUS, and Trump's son also says that Trump primarily became POTUS to scrap that deal. And now Trump has appointed John Bolton as National Security Adviser. Nothing more needs to be said. Just sit back, open a can of your favourite beer and watch the missiles fly, the bombs fall, the children scream and the smashed broken corpses of dead soldiers flown home in the dead of night.

And all because nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than Bomber Trump (though Bolton comes a close second).

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