Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Shortly after Hitler allegedly escaped from Berlin, he and Eva Braun could have found sanctuary in Argentina. In the documentary Grey Wolf, Hitler is reported to have lived at a large estate belonging to Prince Bernhard of Bilderberg. The doumentary does not mention that link. But the documentary also claims that Hitler and Braun had a child who, in the documentary looks like she is at least 4 years old, which would mean she was born well before the end of WW2.

But Hitler and Braun didn't have any children by the end of WW2, did they?

Maybe the documentary makers selected a girl to play the daughter who looks/is older than the daughter who is alleged to be the child of Hitler and Braun?

But having done some digging around, it looks certain that Bormann was in Argentina for a while a long time after WW2. And if he was there with access to all the Nazi loot then this provides an explanation for the rise of fascism in South America.

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