Monday, April 30, 2018


Is John Bolton trying to sabotage the talks by bringing up Libya?

Gaddafi gave up his WMD. He became the darling of the Neocons and Blair. He invested billions in London.

But then the Neocons unleashed the Jihadis onto Libya, even though Gaddafi was giving the names of those Jihadis to MI6 and the CIA! NATO became the Jihadi Air Force, and special forces from the UK and Qatar assisted and trained the Jihadis on the ground. And we all know what happened to Gaddafi and his billions in London: he was 'assassinated' and his billions were 'lost'/went 'missing'.

Remember what Saddam Hussein's wife said about the man who was captured in a drain: she claimed he wasn't her husband, and photos seem to support her claim. Saddam had many doubles. Did Gaddafi too? Were the real Saddam and the real Gaddafi 'killed', their fortunes 'lost' and they now live behind 20ft walls on private estates somewhere nice and quiet?

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