Tuesday, April 24, 2018


A few years ago, Infowars attacked Obama for allying with that "cancer on the world", Saudi Arabia, in their futile, barbaric war on Yemen.

And just a few weeks ago, Judas warned us all not to jump to conclusions whenever any incident occurs.

But in the last 48 hours or so:
1. Bomber Trump's new best mates, Saudi Arabia, attacked a wedding in Yemen, killing over 30, without a word of condemnation from Infowars;
2. Infowars immediately concluded that the man who drove a van along a sidewalk in Toronto was a Muslim terrorist because initial reports stated he looked middle eastern, but it turns out that that guy, who is not called Mohammed al Jihad but is called Alek Minassian:
a) has a name which suggests he is an Armenian Christian;
b) was known as a loner who would walk around with his hands clasped together while meowing;
c) is not associated with any political or religious organisation;
d) but does seem to be sympathetic to a men's rights organisation which opposes modern feminism.

$o, what ha$ cau$ed thi$ remarkable tran$formation of Infowar$?

Particularly con$idering they are now $eeking a new audience (and thu$ market) by courting Kanye We$t?

And with the claims of Alex Jones' ex-wife, one wonders how Alex is able to finance his litigation against her?

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