Monday, April 30, 2018


Iran was the main target of 9/11.

Iran was named as one of seven nations to experience war and regime change after 9/11.

Iran has not been attacked yet, but there have been several attempts to provoke a war.

Bomber Trump is to announce in a week or so what he is doing about the Iran deal.

Last night Israel, with support from Trump, attacked an Iranian base in Syria and killed dozens of Iranian and Syrian military personnel.

Former CIA Director and now Secretary of State Pompeo has just been to Israel having been to Saudi Arabia the day before.

Netanyahu is just about to show evidence which he claims proves Iran has broken the terms of the deal.

This all seems highly scripted to me.

So as previously suggested, sit back, open a can of your favourite beer, and watch the missiles fly and the children scream and cry.

Oh, and thank Infowar$ for $elling out to bring us such a joyous war.

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