Sunday, April 08, 2018


So, just as Bomber Trump expresses a desire to bring the troops home from Syria (when they weren't invited in the first place!), he is persuaded to stay for an unspecified time by MBS, Netanyahu and his national security team (and possibly also the "mentally unstable maniac" John Bolton), and then this happens: a large chemical attack in Syria which kills dozens of civilians.

The White Helmets accuse Assad:

But hadn't Ghouta just been cleared of terrorists?

Yep. All except one group. Jaish al Islam initially refused to leave Ghouta when everyone else left, but some have recently left in a deal with Syria and Russia.

But those remaining reportedly had some Syrian civilian hostages.

Read this : Syrian forces kill 40 people in air strikes on Douma

Those Jaish al Islam who remain in Ghouta were threatened with an escalation in military force if they did not leave.

Then this happens.

So did the terrorists use chlorine on their hostages to provoke the US into a military response?

Or did Syria/Russia use chlorine knowing, or at least suspecting, that Jaish al Islam had Syrian civilian hostages and would likely use the images of dead children as propaganda for war by the USA on Syria, as the Trump administration has warned many times would happen after a chemical attack, no matter who was behind it?

You decide.

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