Monday, April 30, 2018


Erm, nope.

The United States of War-merica is currently engaged in 7, repeat 7 wars.

Despite years of telling Obama to get out of Syria, Bomber Trump is bombing and covertly invading Syria.

Despite years of telling Obama to get out of Afghanistan, Bomber Trump is sending thousands more troops back to Afghanistan.

The dropping of bombs and the use of drones has escalated under Bomber Trump.

And then there is Iran.

Bomber Trump's masters want Iran. Adelson, Mercer, Netanyahu, Bolton and even Kissinger. They all want Iran. And Trump's son says that Trump became POTUS to get Iran.

On top of this there are the arms sales, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

So, bombs, missiles, drones, wars and arms sales all escalate under Bomber Trump.

And China and Russia played a big part over North Korea too. Dennis Rodman deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than Bomber Trump! Rodman isn't bombing children to bits in Yemen or flogging missiles to Saudi Arabia or bombing Syria.

So no. Bomber Trump does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

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