Wednesday, April 04, 2018


While Israel continues its relentless terror and ethnic cleansing, slowly making Gaza into an uninhabitable shithole, as Bomber Trump should refer to it, Judas' hero Morrissey writes a song praising Israel (even though the evidence implicating Israel in 9/11 is overwhelming), and today Judas promotes Morrissey via several tweets containing Morrissey quotes about Europe.

Brexit was sold to us as bringing democracy back home, shed loads of money for the NHS, and negotiations would be a piece of cake.

But the reality with Brexit is that the Tories are about to rewrite hundreds if not thousands of pieces of legislation in their favour without any debate or vote in Parliament, a broken then privatised NHS, and a hard Brexit.

And with Brexit, Israel sees an enemy reduced in power. Just as with Bomber Trump, Israel has a new sheriff in town, withdrawing aid and support for the UN if the UN doesn't support Israel.

You really can't see it, can you?

Israel has hijacked the anti-NWO movement because criticism of its actions was too loud. So Israel and its agents have promoted Brexit and Trump to destroy/control the EU and the UN respectively.

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