Saturday, April 28, 2018


Infowar$ are going wild over this cartoon:

"Democrat Plantation Searches for Runaway Slave Kanye"

I can see the attempt at humour and the context.

Bu let's just recall a few things:
1. The roots of the Democrat Party, as it is, lie in 1828. Why is that of significance? Because that was the year that slavery-loving, slaveholding, backstabbing traitor Andrew Jackson was elected POTUS. And why did that occur? Because The Democrat Party, formed in 1828, was founded by supporters of slavery-loving, slaveholding, backstabbing traitor Jackson, which of course backed Jackson;
2. Jackson loved slavery very much. He owned 300 at one time and would lash his runaways upon capture, with one slave called Gilbert dying during his lashing. Jackson organised a raid on a fort called Negro Fort on Spanish territory where runaway slaves had found sanctuary with Seminoles (who were also being persecuted by white colonisers). But the raid turned very tragic when the officer commanding the raid fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal, blowing the fort to smithereens, killing around 300 men, women and children;
3. Alex and Infowar$ love, adore and worship Andrew Jackson;
4. Alex Jones' family were seriously Confederate, fighting in the Confederate Army during the Civil War at the rank of colonel and general. His ancestors also helped to found the Republic of Texas which was incredibly racist and legalised slavery when Mexico had just banned slavery (this was partially the reason for the rebellion by white European settlers like Jones' family). Alex's ex-wife Kelly also claims that Alex is racist and brags about his ancestor who founded the KKK in Texas.

So when you think about it, this reference by Infowar$ to this cartoon is not that funny at all, and should make you want to puke...because the hypocrisy is outrageous! Particularly when Alex has sold Infowar$ to us as the last bastion of freedom, justice and liberty when he hires creeps to spy on and stalk his ex-wife Kelly!!

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