Tuesday, April 10, 2018


There has been what is loosely called a 'civil war' in Syria for 7 years now. There were at first peaceful demonstrators, then soft Jihadis, then Islamic State, and then many different Jihadis of various levels of Jihad, all after one thing: to oust or kill President Bashar al Assad. Russia and Iran have been invited in by Assad to crush the Jihadis, which they have done. The USA, Saudi Arabia and others have been arming/training the Jihadis. The British organised ratlines to smuggle the Jihadis out of Libya into Syria. And Israel routinely bombs Syria, as occured over the weekend.

So why Syria?

Why are the major powers taking sides over Syria? After all, it is basically just sand sitting on small fields of oil and gas?

The problems that Syria has today lie outside of its borders: Israel; Iran; and the Pars gas field.

There is strong evidence that Israel with Saudi Arabia and Zionist factions in the USA, UK, France, etc played major roles in the attack on the USA on 11th September 2001. That event occured a generation ago but we still feel the effects today. 9/11 kicked off a series of wars that we see on the six o' clock TV news every night.

Shortly after 9/11, General Wesley Clark was informed of a plan for war and regime change in 7 countries in 5 years. The 7 countries named to Clark were Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Five of those countries have experienced significant change and/or war:
Iraq war (2003)
Lebanon war (2006)
Sudan partition (2010)
Libya war (2011)
Syria proxy war (2011 - )

Somalia is slowly being invaded by US troops, with troop numbers and activity slowly increasing.

But Iran is the big one, because of the fear in some nations, primarily Israel and the USA, that it is developing a nuclear missile, possibly with assistance from North Korea.

Four of the nations named to General Clark were also named in a document entitled A Clean Break written in 1996 for then and current PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. A Clean Break called for Israel to 'engage' Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Some of the authors of A Clean Break played key roles in producing propaganda that led to the war on Iraq in 2003.

The Pars gas field lies off the coasts of Iran and Qatar, and there is some competition over which of the two will sell how much to whom and how. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA want a pipeline travelling through Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to Europe to take away some of Russia's fossil fuel business with Europe and thereby weaken Russia's influence and reduce its financial power. Iran, Syria and Iraq want a pipeline through their nations to Europe but without the intention of taking away some of Russia's business with Europe. So you can see the factions here: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA want Assad out to build their preferred pipeline across Syria and steal Russia's business; Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia do not (and let's not forget the Russian naval base at Tartus too).

The plan revealed to General Wesley Clark is crucial to understanding 9/11 and the wars thereafter. The initial plan was to take out those 7 nations in 5 years. But it was stalled at the first hurdle in Iraq. A Plan B was then implemented to use a proxy force of international cutthroat Jihadis against Lebanon, Syria and Iran. But for whatever reason they were first unleashed onto Libya (another of the 7 nations) where British Special Forces assisted, and NATO was the air force for, al Qaeda who eventually killed Gaddafi, even though Gaddafi was giving the names of al Qaeda to MI6 and the CIA! This plan to use Jihadis was published by Seymour Hersh in 2007, which was 3 to 4 years before the Jihadis were unleashed. During that time the US State Dept engineered The Arab Spring to give the Jihadis cover as 'freedom fighters' so that NATO nations and their allies could provide 'assistance' (money, weapons, political support) without the general public asking too many problematic questions.

To get Iran then Assad must go. To get their preferred pipeline then Assad must go. So when Bomber Trump expresses an intention to withdraw from Syria, look what happens. On the verge of total victory, we are supposed to believe that Assad and/or Russia and/or Iran use chemical weapons on civilians which has led to a probable attack on Syria by the USA, the UK and France.

Nope. I don't buy it. When you ask, cui bono?, the answer is those who want the war in Syria to continue to eventually get Assad, to eventually get their preferred pipeline and open the door to war on Iran.

So you can see why Syria's problems lie outside its borders. Israel wants total control of and hegemony over the Middle East; Israel and its allies want a pipeline across Syria from the Pars gas field to Europe to steal Russian business which Assad and his allies do not want; and with Assad gone Iran would be virtually isolated and surrounded and open to attack and/or easy infiltration by Jihadis.

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