Thursday, April 12, 2018


One view of Bomber Trump's delay in attacking Syria, and one adopted by Infopervs, is one of hope, that Trump is not going to attack Syria because 'the base' have applied pressure by reminding Trump of his ancient tweets from a few years ago regarding Syria.

But another view is that the delay is to also gather intel on and confirm the location of Assad so he can be eliminated once and for all so the war plan implemented after 9/11 can move on and finally focus on Iran 10 or more years behind schedule.

Take these quotes in The Daily Mirror:
It was assumed ­chemical weapon sites would be the only major targets of a US-led sea and air strike.

But it is now believed military bases, intelligence HQs and even opulent homes owned by Assad and his cronies are considered fair game.

An intelligence source told the Mirror: “The 2017 retaliatory strikes against Assad’s chemical weapons sites had little effect. This time the feeling is you can attack Assad’s ­military but that does not really affect him personally, so he needs to be hit where he can feel it.

“It is highly likely we will see an attack that is bigger than before and more wide-ranging in terms of the targeting – perhaps including palaces and other homes.

“If Assad gets hit in the process then that will not concern American ­military commanders.”

[source : Airstrikes could target Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad's palaces as military chiefs prepare 'shock and awe' strikes, Daily Mirror,, 12th April 2018]

So the range of targets has increased from initially just military sites to now include palaces and intel HQs (which we assume have gathered intel on NATO-Gulf-Zionist sponsored Jihadis).

This looks more and more like Libya. Gadaffi was actually giving the names of Jihadis to MI6 and the CIA. So what happened? We helped those same Jihadis to overthrow and eventually kill Gaddafi by bombing Gaddafi's family! And now look at the place!! In Syria, Assad has been fighting the NATO/Zionist/Gulf-sponsored Jihadis for years. So on the point of final victory we form a similar coalition, begin planning to bomb Assad's homes and drive him out of hiding where he can be got, much like Gaddafi. So either Assad is constantly on the move and out in the open risking capture and death, or he flees Syria and seeks asylum in, for example, Russia.

And this shift in targets occurs when Theresa May and Bomber Trump have agreed that some kind of military action in a military alliance must be taken to deter further use of chemical weapons.

And finally, Judas has at least referred to the issue of Yemen. He has barely mentioned Bomber Trump's genocide and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, despite Trump killing much more and assisting Saudi Arabia much more than Obama did, which Judas opposed. But coz Trump gives the rich massive tax cuts he gets a pass.

He really is a Judas, distracted by the size of his bank account from spreading fear and propaganda for the extreme rightist Zionist factions of the CIA and FBI who did and covered up 9/11.

I wonder if he will sponsor Alex Jones' ex-wife campaign for justice against Alex? Nah. I doubt it.

Money. Money. Money.
It's always sunny
In a Judas world.

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