Saturday, April 28, 2018


Judas, although he has a large following of beguiled dupes himself, is not yet strong enough to abandon Jones and build a competing media empire.

He could eek out a living flogging articles here and there because Youtube demonetised his videos. But he has not the cash to build his own media empire just yet (or has but will not risk it). Nor has he the backing of someone like Bannon who could be tempted to back such an empire but only after Infowar$ collapses under the weight of allegations from Alex's ex-wife Kelly, so that the rightist Zionist faction of society needs another propaganda outlet.

But Infowar$ is still there, still broadcasting the rightist Zionist propaganda that got Bomber Trump elected. You know, Bomber Trump who said he would stop the wars but has expanded them, who sold out to the Zionist-Saudi faction who did 9/11, and is making Israel, the military-industrial complex, the banks and the rich very much richer.

So Judas grovels to Jones live on air, protecting his seat in front of that map, but is still watching, waiting, anticipating, coldly calculating the precise moment to abandon Alex for the greate$t profit.

For how can anyone believe a man who claims he is risking his life for freedom, privacy, justice and liberty when he hires creeps to spy on and stalk his ex-wife? But perhaps more importantly, how can anyone work for $$$uch a man?

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